Iconic Capital, based in Forest Hills, NY, is a privately-held, vertically-integrated real estate company that owns and manages Class A commercial office properties. Iconic has been involved in all aspects of successful commercial real estate operations, including the purchase, development and management of a broad range of real estate holdings. Iconic specializes in identifying undervalued properties and realizing their maximum value through skillfully conceived development and sound, ethical management.

The principals have built Iconic with an experienced understanding of value creation and meticulous attention to detail. They leverage their core strengths with over 45 years of combined experience and more than $50 million in recent transactions.

The Company’s strong partnerships and reputation consistently result in Iconic being the beneficiary of off-market opportunities. This allows Iconic to capitalize on a wide range of investment opportunity types and returns. The Company takes a hands-on approach to every step of a project, from capital expenditures to the minute details of design and operation. This philosophy produces outstanding professionals who have honed their craft and help achieve a culture of excellence.